Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Like all parents at OHMS I received a special message from the school principal, I was so inspired with what he shared. I meet this man about a year ago as Jacobsen and I were looking at the honor roll that was posted in the office window. This young, good looking man approach Jake and asked if he had made the honor roll. Jacobsen showed him his name and he went on to praise Jacobsen for his hard work. When he left I said to Jake,"Is that one of your teachers?" Jake laughed and said, "No, mom that is my principal." I was so impressed that the principal was out in the halls talking and making friends with the kids. He is feel of energy and seems to love his job.
In his special message, he shared stories about students who had made the right choices. It was amazing and so good to hear. We as parents often have this perception of dreaded middle school. All the bad things that go on and all the evils that my child will be exposed to. I know that there is reason to be concerned. Will my children be accepted? What friends will my children choose to align with? Will my children remember my expectations of them? But, I guess I need confidence that the good outweighs the bad. It is so nice to have confirmation that most students are making the right choices at the right time.
Being a parent is so hard. I struggle everyday. At the end of each day, I will stop and evaluate how I have done. Sometimes, I am disappointed with myself. I should have handle that differently or I should have not been so hard on them. Why did I freak out? I need to stop and remember that for the most part, my children are making right decisions or at least trying too. That they are children and just like me, are still learning. I can not expect them to be nothing more than children who are dealing with everyday struggles too. At the end of the day, we are all individuals trying to get along and grow up together. So principal, Anderson thank you for the heart-warming reminder that teenagers are still good.


Marvelle said...

I told Mike (Anderson) that his post made me cry. He sent it to me about a week ago and it literally brought me to tears. Isn't he the greatest principal ever?!? He really does care about the students and I'm amazed at the innovative ways he tries to help them all succeed.

I enjoyed your post and think you're doing a great job with your kids!

si tu veux said...

i love you tonya. so good to read a post like this. inspiring, for sure. you are a wonderful mother, evident anytime that I see you with your children. i always wish we were closer these days, and could carve some precious time together. raising children is so hard, and you have expressed a mirror of my feelings. thanks for sharing.

blessings :)